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water wars
coming June 7


Sr. High Survivor Point Standings

1st Place - Warriors Against The Abyss - 63,325,003
2nd Place
- Mean Green Granny Smith's - 57,363,004
3rd Place - Tinapa Tranga - 40,990,000

Jr. High Survivor is coming this fall!

Sr. High Soul Survivors
There will now be 1 soul survivor from the winning team as well as two runners up from the other two remaining teams. That means each team will have a soul survivor on the last night's challenge on April 21-22. The winning team soul survivor will get the better of the prizes, but there will still be runners up.

Sr. High Survivor Points Opportunities
You may want your sponsors to reserve a van to go and pick up all of those visitors you want to bring on Sunday, March 19th for double point night!

You may also want to get on the ball with fundraisers. Donations and team offerings are ok. Remember, the first team to get $250 to me gets a bonus 1,000,000 (2,000,000) if on March 19.

Check out the flyer handout tonight to see how you can get points donating food to the food closet at the church.

Jr. and Sr. High Retreat Weekend
Also known as "May Rally" even though it is in April. April 28-30 we will go to the NC East District Camp Ground in Sophia, NC for the weekend. $60 is due March 29. Turn your money in by then to get 50,000 points for your team per person. Click here for more information.

David Crowder and Third Day Concert
Third Day and David Crowder will be in concert April 15th at the Greensboro Coliseum. Tickets are in and on sale for $20. Tickets are almost gone! Give Eddie the money and he'll get you the ticket. Click here if you are interested in a ticket.

One Year Bible
In just 15 minutes a day you can embrace the power of the Word of God in one year. Check these links out if you would rather listen to the Bible instead of read. Check out the other links too. (audio version of the One Year Bible, so you can listen instead of reading) (online version of the One Year Bible, different translations to choose from, we're using the NLT) (background, commentary and pictures related to each daily reading from the One Year Bible) (great for those of us that are a bit ADD)

Last Week
March 8 - Jr. High Rally
March 8 - Sr. High Survivor Team Time
March 11 - Wait4Him Girls Conference
March 12 - Sr. High Survivor Rally - The Amazing Race!
March 12 - Jr. Highers at the Loman’s Home

This Week
March 15 - Jr. High Rally
March 15 - Sr. High Survivor Team Time
March 19 - Sr. High Survivor Rally
March 19 - Jr. Highers @ Mayberry

Next Week
March 22 - Jr. High Rally
March 22 - Sr. High Survivor Team Time
March 26 - Sr. High Survivor Rally
March 26 - Jr. Highers @ Fowler’s

On the Calendar
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March 29 - May Rally Money Due - $60
March 30-April 1 - IWU Youth Conference
April 3 - NCAA Final Game Party at the Klein’s
April 9 - Family Communion - No Regular Youth Group
April 15 - David Crowder and Third Day Concert
April 16 - Easter Sunday - No Regular Youth Group
April 19 - Jr. and Sr. High at Eddie and Martha Marie’s house
April 21-22 - Sr. High Survivor All Night Final Challenge
April 23 - Sr. High Survivor Tribal Council and Parent Night
April 26 - Jr. and Sr. High Combined
April 28-30 - Weekend Retreat (May Rally)
April 30 - Family Fun Night
June 7 - Water Wars

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Birthdays this Month

10 - Taylor Warren
10 - Ilona Rusiecka
11 - Mandi Beck
14 - Chynna Douglas
19 - Josh Klein
31 - Heather Morgan


Our Sponsored Child from India through World Help

Sachin Sopan