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One Year Bible
In just 15 minutes a day you can embrace the power of the Word of God in one year. Check these links out if you would rather listen to the Bible instead of read. Check out the other links too. (audio version of the One Year Bible, so you can listen instead of reading) (online version of the One Year Bible, different translations to choose from, we're using the NLT) (background, commentary and pictures related to each daily reading from the One Year Bible) (great for those of us that are a bit ADD)

Winter Jam Correction
February 25, 2006 - Greensboro Coliseum
Doors Open at 5:00pm * Concert at 6PM
$10 at the door
Meet at Bethany Hall at 4:15 PM
We will arrive back around midnight
For more information visit

Last Week
January 18 - Sr. High Come and See

January 18 - Jr. High Rally

January 22 - Sr. High Rally

January 22 - Jr. High Come and See

This Week
January 25 - Sr. High Come and See

January 29 - Family Life Revival

February 1 - Family Life Revival

Next Week

February 5 -Super Bowl Party

February 8 - Sr. High Come and See

February 8 - Jr. High Rally

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Birthdays this Month

5 - Alyssa Hicks
7 - Mindy Rumfelt
7 - Joe Fitzgerald
16 - Hayden Smith
18 - Mrs. Deb Klein
29 - Daniel Dunlap
29 - Kevin Dunlap
31 - Devin Nelson


Our Sponsored Child from India through World Help

Sachin Sopan