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Orlando was a blast! Good things happened there! The good feeling we have will only last a week or two before the devil is back on our back. Good thing the Christian life isn't all about how we feel. Let's get in the Word and beat the devil this year!

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One Year Bible
Click here if you would like to commit to reading the Bible through in one year. In just 15 minutes a day you can embrace the power of the Word of God in one year.

Ski Trip
Don't miss the ski trip January 22-23. Cost is $100. Money and forms are due January 11. Click here for more information.

5 Principles to a More Effective Church Worship Experience
1. Pray: come having prayed at least once for the service before you get there.
2. Expect: Look for something special to happen
3. Participate: Sing during worship, make notes during the message, engage in what's going on.
4. Be a Blessing to Somebody: Stop always expecting that to be someone else's job.
5. Affirm the Service: Say at least 3 nice things about what happened at the service to your parents and friends, even if it was the worst service you've ever been to.

MZ Ministries
Pastor Keith challenged us to be addicted to service to the Lord and our local church. Click here if you would like to commit to attending an MZ Ministries class to discover your spiritual gifts and see how you can serve the local church with your gifts.

Last Week
December 21 - Family Communion
Bring your family for communion from 7-8

December 25 - Christmas Day!
10 AM service only

December 27-31 - Logos 5 Youth Convention!

This Week
January 4 - Annual Tree Burning @ Shelter (Bring your Christmas tree to burn!)

January 8 - All Church Youth Service - Orlando Convention Share Time (Wear your maXX or Logos t-shirts)

Next Week
January 11 - Come and See (Jr. High and Sr. High)

January 15 - Sr. High Rally

January 15 - Jr. High Come and See

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Birthdays this Month

5 - Alyssa Hicks
7 - Mindy Rumfelt
7 - Joe Fitzgerald
16 - Hayden Smith
18 - Mrs. Deb Klein
29 - Daniel Dunlap
29 - Kevin Dunlap
31 - Devin Nelson


Our Sponsored Child from India through World Help

Sachin Sopan