"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" (Acts 2:42 NIV).

Follow Up Cards

Two follow-up pieces have been developed for you to give to new converts during Heaven Week Celebration. These follow-up pieces are a credit card look-alike. One is designed for children and the other is for adults/teens. They have a place for new believers to record their decision and serve as a tool to hold them accountable to grow. The adult/teen card is designated BPEx—Building People Express. The child card is BKEx—Building Kids Express. A total of 38% of all Sunday Schools have used these special cards.


The basketball coach at Moody Bible College, Dan was so delighted with these tools that he is using them in his summer basketball camps. He also took them with him to Africa on a basketball ministry team.

Kids especially love these cards. But a follow-up piece alone is not enough. Converts need personal and group mentoring, coaching, discipling, and training. Be sure to conserve your harvest.

Converts will flourish best with a personal mentor like a Barnabas. Some will need a Bible. (Be sure it’s an age-/language-appropriate version. In some cases it would be best to provide the Bible on cassette, CD, or Bible Story Cards.) Whatever your approach, be prepared for the "harvest."


Many churches, as a step of faith, plan a baptism service in conjunction with Heaven Week Celebration. Listen to what happened in two churches.

A congregation in Michigan took a giant step of faith and planned a believer’s baptism for the evening service. Five people were saved in the morning and baptized in the evening.

Pastor Bob in South Dakota reports a lady 75 years old saved and 6 people baptized in the Sunday p.m. service.

One church had nine to respond in the morning and baptized ten in the evening service. Pastor Mike said they had " …a greater sense of urgency concerning the world events and life in light of eternity."


New Believers Class

Numerous churches launch a new Sunday School class the week following Heaven Week Celebration with unusually good results. Often times, this is a new believers class taught by either the senior pastor or one of the assistant pastors.

A Christian Education Director at a church in eastern North Carolina says "We were excited to have seven new converts on Salvation Sunday. …The next Sunday all seven came to a new believers class that is being taught by our senior pastor. They will be together in the new believers class for two months, then be main-streamed into regular classrooms."

To find ideas and suggestions for launching a new class, visit www.wesleyan.org. Go to the drop down department boxes and select Sunday School and Discipleship. On the side bar click on Plant-a-Class.