Thank you for partnering with your students who have made a decision to Cross the Line and pursue a life of service. You are incredibly important in the development of the students you work with to see them live out their Charlotte 2003 International Wesleyan Youth Convention commitment.

As you arrive home from the convention, it is our desire that you feel ready as a leader to help your students. Included in this section of the CD, specifically designed for leaders, is information on the two-year Servant Reality Follow-Up Plan to the convention. You will find information that outlines the Servant Reality Follow-Up Plan, as well as information on the Beyond the Line Servant Reality District Training Events, which are critical to allowing students to dream up a student-led ministry project that they will initiate, oversee and fulfill sometime during the two-year Servant Reality Follow-Up. If you have any questions regarding your district's Beyond the Line Servant Reality District Training Event, please contact your District Youth President (DYP) or Servant Reality at

We want to thank you again for joining us and your students on this journey! You are vital to the success of seeing your students "Cross the Line" for a lifetime. Please know that we are available to help.

Remember, Servant Reality is a mind-set, not a program. Adapt the structure to fit how it will work best for you. The end result goal is to see students live out their convention commitment to a call to ministry or commitment to a lifestyle of service. Keeping that in mind, the structure is flexible, so do what works best for you and your students.

One Final Thought: Keep in mind students who may not have come to Charlotte 2003. January might be a great month to challenge students with a call to ministry or commitment to service. If you do, and you have students "Cross the Line" who may not have been at Charlotte 2003, e-mail Servant Reality at so they can become part of what God's doing through the Servant Reality Follow-Up.