General Department of
Evangelism and Church Growth
of The Wesleyan Church

Five Passions…

Evangelism and Church Growth (E&CG) is The Wesleyan Church's North American missions department.  We are passionately devoted to five major assignments:

Church Growth
Promoting effective personal and church-based evangelism to bring more people to Christ and help them become responsible, reproducing members of His Church.

Church Revitalization
Refocusing existing churches on their God-given purpose so they can experience renewal and maximum health.

Church Multiplication
Creating coalitions and systems to support a church planting movement involving every local church and district as a church planting parent or partner.

Cross-Cultural Ministries
Recruiting, training and equipping leaders and churches for making disciples across language, class and social barriers.

Compassion Ministries
Expanding capacity for ministry to the poor and broken of society in the Wesleyan tradition of expressing love for God through loving others.  

One Priority…

All of these passions come together in a single, Christ-exalting focus for the General Department of Evangelism and Church Growth.  Our “real job” is summed up in one powerful priority:

“Multiplying Healthy Churches”

We believe every Christian and every church should participate in fulfilling the Great Commission (“go and make disciples”) in the spirit of the Great Commandment (“love God and love one another”).  Just as healthy Christians produce more Christians, healthy churches reproduce new churches.  The result is a wonderful, self-sustaining cycle of more believers, more leaders, and more congregations in more places to reach even more people for Christ.

This is the way for Christians and churches to become more confident and fruitful.  Therefore, E&CG is committed to establishing a church health culture where

…Developing leaders is non-negotiable.

…Revitalizing churches is normal.

…Multiplying churches is natural.

Our Mission Field

The U.S.and Canada are now the world's fourth largest mission field of unsaved persons (surpassed in size only by China, India and Indonesia).  Yet, currently, we have only one church for about every 900 persons on average.  More healthy, reproducing Christ followers and congregations are needed to make Christ known in more ways to more people.

The spiritual landscape in North America is constantly changing.  A generation ago, most Christian missionaries came from the U.S. and Canada.  Yet, today the U.S. and Canada receive more missionaries from other countries around the world than they send.  Although English is dominant, over 175 living languages are spoken in the U.S. and nearly 80 in Canada—millions have never heard the gospel in the language they speak at home.  Over half of all Americans and Canadians live in just 43 metropolitan areas with populations of over one million.  Yet, less than one out of ten evangelical churches are located in these urban settings.  Add to this the fact that three times more churches close each year in North America than open and the reality of our spiritual need grows even more urgent.

E&CG is the North American missions champion for The Wesleyan Church.  We are here to serve districts, local churches, pastors and lay persons by providing a unifying vision, leadership, training and tools for bringing people together in Christ throughout the diverse communities and cultures of the United States and Canada.

Our Strategy

E&CG offers a variety of consultation and assessment services, practical resources and training to fortify personal evangelism and congregational health.  Some of our programs and resources you will want to check out or access on our website include:

Forty Days of Prayer and Fasting
An annual Lenten devotional and worship series for personal and local church prayer ministry development

The “Church Health Fitness Center at

Mandate Magazine and E-zine
Home missions news and resources

Pastor Appreciation Day
An annual opportunity to encourage and uplift pastoral leaders

Wesleyan Men Online
Practical ideas and networking for men's ministry leaders found on

Wesleyan Church Planter Assessment Centers
Four-day, group-based evaluations to help potential church planters and their sponsors make better informed decisions about planter appointments

Church Planter Intern Scholarships
Three to six month stipends and scholarships to help Wesleyan ministerial students explore their personal church planter potential

Wesleyan Church Plant Grants
Direct funding to assist districts and parent churches in providing first year funding for new Wesleyan congregations

Church Builders Club
Free, subscription-based newsletter sent to volunteer donors who help pool financial gifts to help young churches involved in their first property acquisition or building project

New Church Start-up Kits
Free gifts and services from denominational departments and offices to help new congregations during their first year of existence

Fellowship of Wesleyan Evangelists
A network for peer mentoring and promotion of the work of our denomination's full- and part-time general evangelists

Wesleyan Native American Ministries
A service agency for those involved in church planting and compassion ministries for the First Nations and aboriginal peoples of North America

A strategy for multiple, simultaneous church plants in urban centers

Developing Districts
E&CG provides partnership and supervision to help new districts of our denomination in North America reach established status and full self-determination

Cross-Cultural Ministry Services
E&CG provides consultation to districts and parent churches for ethnic leadership recruitment and church planting; networking for ethnic leaders; translation assistance to promote development of resources in languages other than English; plus ethnic church leadership training and lay development resources

ReFocusing Facilitator/Coach Training
Leadership development for those involved in church revitalization and renewal

Congress on Evangelism
Intensive conferences to promote North American missions awareness, evangelism skill training, and church growth/church health systems

Free Books for Pastors
E&CG is a resource provider for pastors and regularly puts free printed materials in their hands for personal spiritual enrichment and professional development

Our Passionate Purpose

The Wesleyan Church exists to exalt Jesus Christ by evangelizing the lost, discipling believers, equipping the Church, and ministering to society.  Bringing people together in Christ and multiplying healthy churches for Him is our passionate purpose.

As a Christ-centered ministry, E&CG stands ready to partner with districts, local churches, pastors and lay leaders to support them in accomplishing the North American mission objectives of The Wesleyan Church.  Let us know how we can better serve you, as we all work together for “Multiplying Healthy Churches.”

E&CG Department - The Wesleyan Church
PO Box 50434
Indianapolis, IN 46250-0434
Phone: 317.570.5125 (After February 4, 2004 call 317.774.3900)