Gifts Discovery

The Bible talks about “spiritual gifts” that belong to every person who knows Jesus as their Savior. These are raw material Jesus gave you when you accepted Him. Spiritual gifts are more than your natural talents or special skills you have learned. They are supernatural abilities God gave you to use for building up other people in His Church. What gift or gifts you get is up to God (see 1 Corinthians 12:11 ), but you can be sure He has given you at least one special way to serve Him in the Church.

Now, the cool part is to discover more about how your gifts can be put to use in the Kingdom of God. There are a variety of “gifts tests” that can help you understand how you are gifted. Most assume that you have been involved in some kind of ministry already and are able to speak from experience when you answer the questions (even if it is limited).

  1. At this point in your life, we want to direct you to a couple of tools that can help you start the process of discovery and development of your God-given “gifts. The Bible is your first and best tool for this. Many spiritual gifts are identified and listed in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4. These are great passages to help you consider what spiritual gifts really are and what their role in the Kingdom is.

  2. The button below will take you to a Spiritual Gifts Inventory to help you start identifying your potential gifts. Just follow the instructions on your printed copy.

  3. After testing yourself, talking to others is another tool to use for gifts discovery. Share your test findings with them and ask them to tell you their honest feelings about your initial results. Do they see these gifts developing in you too? Why or why not? Can they help you develop your gifts more? Can they answer questions you have about spiritual gifts?

  4. Read books about spiritual gifts. A couple good ones are 19 Gifts of the Spirit by Leslie B. Flynn and What You Do Best by Bruce Bugbee.

  5. Click here to check out the resource on this CD entitled Using My Gifts to Help Others.