Thinking about Your Commitment

Maybe you've heard words like surrender, sanctification, perfection, or consecration. Different preachers use these terms and what they are meaning is that you have given everything, all of your life to Jesus. One way to look at is like this…

Imagine your life as if it was a house. When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, you invited Him inside. He came in as a guest. As time went by, you got to know each other better and He started to give you some advice about how to best keep your house in good shape. Now, He doesn't want to be just a guest anymore. He wants the keys to the house, and you've agreed that He can have them.

So, you've handed the deed over to Him and Jesus now owns your house. Any closet He decides to look in He can, and He may ask you to let Him clean out the closet. Since He is the owner, it is His privilege to move things in and out, clean where He sees fit and use the house for any purpose He may have in mind. Now you have become subject to Jesus as your home's owner.

Over time, you understand better what Jesus is planning with the house, and you see how the house you used to own is becoming more than you ever thought it could be. You get excited because you realize that what you want for the house has become the same as what Jesus wants for the house. You've spent so much time together that your plans and thoughts are the same.

Old time preachers used to say it this way - “When you accepted Christ, you got all of God. When you got entirely sanctified, God got all of you.” Basically, you have chosen to allow Jesus to move from being your Savior, to being your Lord.

It may seem overwhelming to realize what may happen in your life, now that you have given everything to Him. The best thing to remember is that today is the day that counts . All we really need to do is say “yes” to Jesus today. Don't worry or get anxious about what God might ask you to do in the future. The “yes” you give Jesus as Lord of your life today will be the preparation ground for what He has in store for tomorrow.